Innovative Beekeeper: Marijuana Honey with trained bees

Innovative Beekeeper: Marijuana Honey with trained bees

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His name is Nicolas and he is known as Nicolas Trainerbees, a nickname that is not accidental. He is a craftsman, locksmith, but above all beekeeper

His 4,300 followers on Facebook and 700 on Instagram marvel at the photos of his cannabis plants receiving an unlikely visit. Although more than one would be scared to find bees in their crops, that is the main purpose of this 39-year-old Frenchman who defines himself as a defender of medical marijuana and legalization.

Trainerbees have used this nickname for over 20 years because they have always loved spending time with bees. He watches and tames them, God only knows how.

"I have trained bees to do various things, like harvest sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers." Beyond them, he has also practiced with tarantulas, lizards and ants because he is, as he explains, "passionate about nature since childhood." This facet has led him to become self-taught in the world of animal biology, entomology, cannabis cultivation, the improvement of all kinds of plants and everything that has to do with the world of hives.

He named his main discovery ‘cannahoney’, which is nothing more and nothing less than cannabis honey. Although Nicolás will explain that he “only” created “a training technique with which the bees collect the resin and use it in the hive. The final substance is only the result of the work of these small insects ”.

"Everything that passes through the body of a bee improves," he says, since its enzymes turn the nectar into the desired honey. The resin obtained from willows, poplars and other trees is converted into propolis, which is antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, antibacterial, and healing. "So if the bee took the resin from the cannabis it would be very beneficial as well." The new challenge for bees to obtain this resin was born for me ”, he says to the aforementioned medium.

After years of testing and observation, he succeeded in making his training work in 2014: "With the enormous surprise that bees used resin as propolis" and also to create honey with the same effects as cannabis. Its terpenes have “a delicious and pleasant taste” reminiscent of the fresh plant, although the flavor changes slightly from one harvest to another.

The 'cannahoney' usually has a "quite floral" smell and a color that changes slightly depending on the varieties, although this usually ranges from light green to white or yellow. The substance "is not smoked, it is ingested and it is good for health," says the creator.

Regarding the suspicions that small insects may be affected by marijuana, Nicolás explains: "The bees that produce 'cannahoney' are not affected by cannabinoids because they do not have an endocannabinoid system."

He now has 30 hives, many of which he uses for his cannabis honey project. Nicolas dedicates almost all his time to this job, that's why he doesn't have a website or blogs: “I work only with my wife and I don't have time or money to do much else”. Now, his main objective is to leave France to work more freely and get professionals from the sector to analyze their work. Your next destination, if everything goes as expected, will be Spain.


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