A washing machine on the bike

A washing machine on the bike

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Washing clothes can become one of those tasks that you always end up leaving for later. Many possibly prefer to go for a walk or ride a bike. But some students at Dalian University, in China, have created an exercise bike in which, as you pedal, you wash your clothes.

It is a regular exercise bike but it has an integrated washing machine drum. Unlike a normal washing machine, the drum should also be filled with water and detergent, in addition to loading the laundry. This washing machine moves thanks to the energy generated by the movement when pedaling. In addition, this energy can also be used to illuminate the screen of the bike and show the process and characteristics of the exercise.

The invention is still a project designed and developed by the students of the University but it will be necessary to wait if they succeed in succeeding and that to wash the clothes it is enough to pedal.


Video: Super Powerful MotorSuper Powerful Motor E-Bike Made of Washing Machine (June 2022).


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