Water scarcity is the result of human selfishness

Water scarcity is the result of human selfishness

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By Mª Jose Navarro

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in its 2006 report entitled "The long shadow of livestock" already published the following: "The world is moving towards an increase in the problems of scarcity of fresh water and depletion of aquifers. 64 percent of the world's population is expected to live in watersheds under water stress by 2025. The livestock sector is a key factor in increasing water use as it is responsible for 8% of world consumption of this resource, mainly for the irrigation of forage crops. Livestock is probably the biggest source of water contamination. "

The aforementioned figures should make us reflect both on the world attitude and on the personal position towards this problem, since the consumer, especially the European, does not think about any of this. Perhaps you are unaware that 70% of water consumption goes to irrigation and in many countries with little rainfall this percentage is even higher. Each lemon has required one liter of water for each gram for its production. The countries of the Mediterranean regions where they are grown, have been suffering for years the consequences of the drought, due to the cutting of forests, the overexploitation of wells, fires, tourism and everything that for a Spanish, Italian , North African and many others has become an alarming reality.

There is no doubt that human beings, especially in the Christian West, have misunderstood the biblical divine offer to "subdue the earth", or have interpreted it rather at their own discretion. The common denominator being a human attitude that has innumerable facets, with selfishness at the forefront of all the catastrophes that afflict humanity.

And yet, according to UN studies, each euro, each dollar, each currency in short that is invested in the distribution of drinking water and in the evacuation of sewage, has a benefit of 4 to 12 times greater, already that there are fewer intestinal diseases that cause diarrhea, there are fewer deaths, more school attendance by girls who no longer have to carry water home, in addition to many other advantages for the health and economic development of the poorest countries.

There are many voices that have warned of all this inadequate development, but the calls for sanity, solidarity, equality, brotherhood and justice for all, drain like water in the desert. The countries in particular, but neither does the society of nations as a whole, comply with the aid plans they develop, because the interests of the country, a consortium or an ideology always prevail over the good for all, that is, common benefit. Therefore, only a radical change in the way of thinking and acting of each person individually would be an effective and lasting first step, in order to start by changing oneself, and thus one day perhaps to be able to change the trajectory of this world.

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