Melissa to fall asleep

Melissa to fall asleep

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Traditionally, it has had a very good reputation as a calming plant, especially when it was part of the composition of the "melissa water of the Discalced Carmelites". Lemon balm is a recognized sedative whose virtues to calm the nerves and prevent their reflection in the body have long been widely recognized. Caffeic and oleanolic acids, together with their alcohols and terpenes, give it this property. Among the main applications, we will highlight:

- Stress: In situations of personal stress, caused by multiple causes of modern life (work, family problems, adverse personal situations, etc.), lemon balm has the property of calming us down and restoring personal balance (Infusion of one tablespoon per glass of water for 15 minutes. 3 or 4 glasses a day)

- Problems of personal anguish: When we find ourselves distressed, with a feeling of tightness in the pit of the stomach, or we seem to find no solution to personal problems, lemon balm can help us feel calmer. (Infusion of a tablespoon per glass of water for 15 minutes. 3 or 4 glasses a day)

- Insomnia: In addition to calming the nerves, lemon balm has mildly narcotic properties. All of this is interesting when you have difficulty sleeping. A glass half an hour before going to bed) (Put three drops of essence on a sugar cube and take half an hour before going to sleep)

- Physical problems of a nervous nature: There are many occasions when a nervous imbalance has its manifestation in the body producing physical alterations. Among the most characteristic situations that can have a nervous origin we have:

- Tachycardias or palpitations: In palpitations of nervous origin, lemon balm has the property of calming the heart muscle and restoring the normal rhythm of the heart. 3 or 4 glasses a day) (Mixed infusion of half a teaspoon in equal parts of the mixture of linden, lemon balm and valerian. Take two cups a day)

- Muscle spasms: They can be produced by physical effort or simply have a nervous origin. In one case or another, lemon balm is a good muscle tonic that strengthens and helps relax muscles and prevents the appearance of new spasms. Its antispasmodic function is not only limited to the musculature of the external limbs. Internally, the sedative properties of this plant can be useful to calm the spasms of the digestive system by acting on the muscles of your organs: (Infusion of one tablespoon per glass of water for 15 minutes. 3 or 4 glasses a day between meals)

- Bad digestions: The infusions of this plant after meals help to digest food better.

- Stomach ache: Nervous cramps of the stomach or intestinal colic can also be soothed by herbal teas made with the flowers and leaves of this plant.

- vomiting produced by nerves in the stomach can be minimized with the use of this plant.

- Flatus or presence of gas that produces stomach bloating and discomfort.

It has also been proven that this same treatment is suitable for the treatment of uterine spasms, as it is able to calm the muscles of the uterus and avoid the severe pain that these involuntary contractions produce.

A plant to increase the production of bile

Melissa has the power to act on the gallbladder and liver, being able to increase the production of bile. This property can be used in those cases where there is biliary insufficiency, which is one of the causes of poor digestion. 3 or 4 glasses a day)

A plant to calm the pain

Ursolic, chlorogenic and caffeic acids as well as thymol and eugenol provide very valid analgesic properties to mitigate pain in any of its many manifestations: (Infusion of one tablespoon per glass of water for 15 minutes. 3 or 4 glasses a day )

- Migraine or headache: especially when this manifests itself in the form of headaches and migraines or recurrent pain on one side of the head accompanied by vomiting and indisposition.

- Toothache: Its mildly narcotic effect, added to its analgesic properties, can serve to numb unpleasant toothache.

- Earache: Equally useful in case of earache.

A remedy for asthma

Asthma: Its antispasmodic properties as well as its protocatechuic acid content can be useful to prevent spasms produced by asthmatic attacks. 3 or 4 glasses a day between meals)

An aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire in women

Melissa is considered a good aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire in women. The ingestion of this plant can help to overcome female frigidity by increasing the desire on the part of the woman to have sex. 3 or 4 glasses a day between meals)

A remedy for hyperthyroidism

In combination with bugleweed (Lycopus euroapeus) it can help reduce the thyroid's enzyme production, which is why it helps in the official treatment of hyperthyroidism (Infusion of half a spoonful of bugleweed and half of lemon balm in a cup of water. Take 3 cups a day)

External use

Vulnerary: Used externally, it constitutes a good Vulnerary, that is, it has the ability to cure external skin problems, so it can be used to:

- The healing of wounds or sores. (Infusion of 4 tablespoons per liter of water. Apply the resulting liquid on the appropriate area)

- Insect bites: In case of bee, wasp, ant or other insect stings, the juice of the plant can be applied to the sting.

- Bad breath: To eliminate bad breath, just chew a fresh leaf after meals.

- Toothache:(Infusion of four tablespoons of dried plant per liter of water. Rinse the teeth well with the liquid resulting from the infusion)

Relaxing: The leaves of this plant are very suitable for relaxing the body when they are introduced into bath water. You can also pour a couple of glasses of the infusion of this plant into the warm water.

Skin care: Melissa essential oil is used to make skin care creams. especially creams for oily skin. The dried plant can be used to make masks (See Masks for wrinkles)

Other apps:

- Melissa water: Melissa water, lemon balm water or Carmen water is a preparation that since 1611 has been made by the monks of the Discalced Carmelite religious community. (More information about the properties and preparation of this preparation in the upper list)

- Plant to care for clothes: The introduction of some twigs of this plant in the cupboards, in addition to perfuming the clothes, protects them from possible attacks by insects.

- Honey plant: It is one of the plants you consider the best for bees, for this fact it is used for the production of honey. This very interesting factor has to be taken into account at the time of collection because we run the risk of being bitten by one of these insects.

- Seasoning: Fresh lemon balm leaves can be used to flavor foods, especially salads.

- Liquor industry: Melissa is a plant that is frequently used in the manufacture of liqueurs to give them aroma.

- Cosmetics industry: Melissa extracts are used for the manufacture of cosmetic products.


The essential oil is not recommended in pregnancy since it can cause abortions, nor is it suitable for breastfeeding. It is a slightly narcotic plant in low doses, but it is dangerous when used in high doses.

Used externally, it can cause irritation in contact with light, so it is advisable to cover the affected area from contact with light and not to use it in case of prolonged exposures or high mountains.

Collection and conservation: The leaves and flowers will be collected during flowering, which normally occurs during the months of June to August. When the flowering ends, the plant usually acquires an odor that is not very pleasant. The collected material should be dried in the shade and stored in airtight and clean containers.

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